Digital Products Guide to Fair Use

Create And Adorn is a modern jewelry making website that is only a few months old, created by a well-established jewelry making company that is a few decades old! We've spent almost 30 years traveling around the world buying exclusive beads & jewelry making materials so that our customers can create high quality, stunning jewelry designs. We've taught 1,000's of in-person classes - all developed in house & exclusive to our brand. 

Now as we enter a new age for this industry, with the same exclusive products & designs - the only thing that has changed is the delivery - how our customers interact with us & use our services & products. We now ship our most popular classes as Project Kits that come complete to your door with all the materials to create our beautiful jewelry at your home! 

Another new service for our Customers & Members is the ability to download our jewelry Instruction Sheets & Class videos instantly - making getting our exclusive designs out to more people faster than ever! These "Digital Products" are new to us as well as many of our customers so here is a quick reference to how the use of our Digital Products works. 

All of the Digital Products we currently offer are ONLY available by purchasing them. Either individually like our Instruction Sheets or as a part of our paid Membership Program where members automatically get the Instruction Sheets sent to them in their inbox each week. Or when Members purchase any of our Contemporary Jewelry Kits, these include a video tutorial with each one. All of our Digital Products are "Private Use Only" Items, meaning they must only be used by the private party (or customer) that purchased them and cannot legally be shared or forwarded to any other person who did not pay to use them. None of our Digital Products are made freely available to the public anywhere online. If they were, they would fall under "Public Use", and could be freely shared with anyone. 

Just as an example, private use digital products do not fall under a justification of  "I bought it I can give it to whomever I like". If someone buys a physical book - they can absolutely give that book to whomever they like, but in doing so only one person still has the book. When someone illegally forwards a digital product to someone else - now two people have that product in their possession even though only one person paid for it. This also applies to multiple people sharing Memberships, though only paying for one.  It is the same as stealing a physical product as it hurts the bottom line of a small business in the same way. We also realize that sometimes this can happen unintentionally & perhaps an explanation would help give clarity to this issue.

 We ask that our customers & Members, new & old, respect this policy (& law) as Create And Adorn continues to build it's new home online. We're excited to be able to bring you new jewelry-making products, classes & kits -  ones that you'll now be able to make from the comfort of your home! We need the support of our long-time customers and of our new ones, in order to be able to succeed at this new endeavor. 

We appreciate all of you so very much & thank you for your continued support!