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This beautiful Community of Beaders, Jewelry Designers, Creators & Makers has been going & growing since the Fall of 1992 when The Bead Factory's first tiny 300 SF retail store opened in Tacoma Washington. As our business has had to evolve & change, our Membership has also changed forms a few times over the last 25 + years. But what has never changed is what an amazing group of creative people our Members are, and how much We care about them! As we embark on this new jewelry journey to update & elevate modern jewelry making online - we must update & elevate our Member's experience with us at the same time.  Our Members are & have always been the Core to our business for almost 3 decades now! We have merely been privileged to be a part of their jewelry journey!

We would love to have you join us! Our new Membership is now a monthly subscription that you can cancel anytime! $15 per month + 1 month FREE when you join!

Create & Adorn Membership includes:

- 20% off every order + FREE Shipping for all orders over $20. Member's Orders are prioritized.

- Members receive the Handouts/Instruction Sheets for all of our new Kits in their inbox for FREE - every week for as long as your Membership continues! Members will receive between 7-10 new Project Instruction Sheets each month! These Instruction Sheets are available for anyone to purchase online for $7.50 each. (Member's value $50-$75)  

- Current Members who purchase our new Kits will receive the accompanying Class Video for that project for FREE! These videos are not available to purchase outside of Membership!

(Member's value = priceless!)

Get 1 month FREE when you join - pay only $30 for the first 90 days! Then billed $15 per month thereafter - cancel anytime! Rejoin anytime! Previous Members must pay for 3 months at once ($45) to rejoin and then are billed $15 per month therafter. 

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